NewChem continues to lead the Italian pharma industry by adding innovation to its sales operations

NewChem chose iGenius’ crystal to boost its operational efficiency, drive revenue growth and ultimately deliver a data-driven cultural revolution to its business teams       



Milan, 21 June 2021—NewChem has signed an agreement with Milan-based startup iGenius to roll out crystal, the startup’s virtual advisor for business intelligence, among its salesforce.


The advisor will help NewChem’s sales team access business data in real time from their smartphones—the advisor’s conversational interface will allow NewChem’s sales team to retrieve insights relevant to them using their voice, asking crystal questions almost as if talking to a colleague.


“Our goal was to deliver innovation by making our business teams autonomous when it comes to accessing data and using it to make the best possible decisions, whether they are day-to-day, operational decisions or strategic ones,” said Speranza Carletti, NewChem’s CEO. “This need for innovation translates into giving business teams one tool that allows them to access all company data from the same point, doesn’t require specific training or technical skills, and can be accessed quickly, on-the-go. A 30-day pilot project immediately showed that iGenius’s crystal was able to deliver exactly what our teams were looking for: not more or better organized data, but a simpler, more effective way of accessing it independently and efficiently.”


“Turning data into good decisions comes with a set of challenges for companies of any size and industry,” added Uljan Sharka, CEO and Founder of iGenius. “Workers are used to having very sophisticated, and yet very easy-to-use, technology in their homes, but they go to work and are stuck with tools that are designed for technical users and can be too cumbersome and complex to use for teams beyond IT and data analysts.  In the end, non-technical teams end up simply not using the tools they have, going back to the “old ways” of making decisions and missing out on the potential of leveraging company data to get better results. This is the gap that we at iGenius are on a mission to fill. Becoming a data-driven company is first and foremost a cultural challenge: I am delighted that NewChem has accepted to take it, and I am certain that they will lead the way for many more companies in their industry.”


About iGenius


iGenius is the scaleup on a mission to reinvent interaction between people and business data. Our vision is to accelerate the B2B data industry via a consumer-based approach. We are the creators of crystal, the first virtual advisor for data intelligence.


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