Newchem guarantees its operations by respecting authorities’ COVID-19 prevention regulations

Newchem Spa is committed to preventing the spread of Coronavirus by respecting COVID-19 prevention regulations. At the same time, we fully guarantee our operations and production.

We enacted all necessary measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19 (periodical sanitization of working areas, plexiglass screens on each workstation, personal protective equipment, body temperature control).

Moreover, we’ve been enacting the following safety rules according to the safety regulations:

  1. In our offices: smart-working implementation, aiming at reducing personnel presence and guaranteeing the same customer support
  2. In our facilities: environment and individual protection measures implementation, guaranteeing the minimum contact among employees; regular sanitization of all the spaces

Such procedures are still valid, in compliance with the strict National Health protocol.

Newchem Spa strongly safeguards its employees’ health and safety without any interruption of its activities.

Despite the strict observation of all safety rules, production in our facilities never stopped, thus guaranteeing to our customers the quality and the efficiency which are our hallmark.

30th March 2021